2015 brings further growth to Porsche Holding Salzburg

  • €18.8 bn in turnover (+10.2%)
  • 927,393 new and used cars sold (+6.7%)
  • 33,124 employees (+2.5%)
  • Growth across all areas of business

Salzburg, 16 March 2016 - Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) turned in another very successful performance in 2015, setting new records in turnover and vehicles sold.

Consolidated turnover increased by 10.2% compared with 2014 to €18.8 bn.

A total of 927,393 new and used cars were sold in wholesale and retail operations, up 6.9% compared with the previous year. New vehicle sales accounted for 670,602 units (+7.6%), UC sales for 256,791 units (+5.2%).

In mid-2015, PHS assumed market responsibility for Bosnia-Herzegovina, meaning that it is now present throughout the entire CEE region as importer and retailer of Volkswagen Group brands.

The company currently has wholesale and retail operations in 25 countries and employs 33,124 people worldwide (+2.5%).

Record sales in wholesale

As importer, Porsche Holding Salzburg has market responsibility for the Volkswagen Group brands in 17 countries.

Aside from Austria, PHS operates in 14 countries within the CEE region as well as in Colombia and Chile.

In 2015, it again set a wholesale sales record of 296,547 new vehicles (+5.4%), thereby generating turnover of €6.5 bn (+9.5%).

"Despite sometimes very challenging market conditions, last year we managed to outpace market growth overall and thus improve our market performance", stresses Alain Favey, CEO of the Porsche Holding Salzburg Management Board.

In Austria the sales target was met as 112,658 new cars were sold from the Volkswagen Group brands. Four brands and six models each ranked among the top 10. ŠKODA exceeded the market share record set in the previous year and Porsche achieved a new sales record.

Since October 2014, PHS has also had market responsibility in Austria for Italian motorcycle brand Ducati. In the first full year, sales volumes were increased to a new record of 775 units, which translates into a 4.9% share of the motorcycle market.

In automotive wholesale operations in Austria, PHS generated turnover of €2.9 bn in 2015 (+1.4%).

CEE region remains on an upward trajectory

With the exception of Ukraine, the overall market in the CEE countries grew at a strong pace in some cases, although it failed to reach the market high of 2008.

On the 14 markets where PHS is represented in this region, it outpaced regional market growth. With a market share of 18.9% (+0.2%), it improved its market performance significantly.

The sharpest increases were recorded in the Czech Republic, in Hungary and Romania as well as in Albania and Macedonia.

Porsche Česká republika, the largest PHS importer by volume after Austria, increased new car sales to 49,156 vehicles (+37.2%).

"We are very satisfied with the performance throughout the CEE region and can now benefit from the market growth thanks to having maintained our market presence", says A. Favey, commenting on the current business situation in the Eastern markets.

Across the whole CEE region, PHS sold 160,730 new cars (+15.1%) through its import business and generated turnover of €3.2 bn (+18.3%) in 2015.

South America

PHS has launched its import and retail operations in Colombia in 2012 and in Chile in 2013.

In mid-2015, the brand portfolio in Colombia (until now VW Passenger Cars and Volkswagen Trucks & Buses) was extended to include Volkswagen Light Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA.

Despite sometimes very challenging currency and market circumstances, PHS sold 16,546 new cars in wholesale operations in South America (-4.4%) and lifted turnover to €344 m (+7.2%).

The company employs 520 people in South America (+1.2%).

Strong momentum in retail

With 58 retail dealerships (+2), Porsche Inter Auto (PIA) is the leading automotive retail chain in Austria. It sold 44,188 new cars, thereby generating turnover of €1.5 bn, which is on a par with 2014. 3,992 people (-2.5%) are currently employed in Porsche Inter Auto's retail dealerships.

Porsche Inter Auto's retail in CEE and Italy

Porsche Inter Auto is represented in the CEE region and Italy by 56 of its own Porsche Inter Auto retail dealerships, which also post a very successful performance.

New car sales climbed to 62,264 (+16.9%) vehicles, generating turnover of €1.6 bn (+20.7%). 3,433 people (+5.3%) are currently employed in PIA's retail dealerships outside Austria.

Group retail in Germany and Spain

Since 2012 PHS has been responsible for a total of 158 own dealerships (-5) in Germany and Spain, which are combined in two subsidiaries, VGRD (Volkswagen Group Retail Deutschland) and VGRS (Volkswagen Group Retail Spain).

Supported by the positive trend on the overall market, increases were achieved on both markets.

With 102 dealerships, VGRD delivered 84,827 new cars (+6.1%), thereby generating turnover of €3.7 bn (+10.7%). The number of employees increased by 2.3% to 8,410.

With a workforce of 1,565 (+3.6%), VGRS sold 31,266 new cars (+20.1%) and generated turnover of €818 m (+17.5%) last year.


In China in 2015, PHS increased retail volumes by 20.3% to 19,983 new cars. The 1,553 employees (-1.7%) generated turnover of €1.6 bn (+29.4%).

The number of retail dealerships now stands at 23 and there are plans to expand the dealer network further.

Multi-brand automotive distribution group PGA operates a total of 317 dealerships (+34 locations) in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. New car sales in 2015 totalled to 131,527 new vehicles (+9.6%). PGA generated turnover of €4.7 bn (+7.3%) and currently employs 9,340 people (+5.4%).

Porsche Bank continues track record of success in anniversary year

With over 900,000 finance and insurance contracts in 15 countries in its portfolio, Porsche Bank is continuing its track record of success. In Austria it achieved strong growth in finance and insurance for both retail banking and corporate customers in 2015. Having increased its market share in Austria to 26.7%, Porsche Bank is still the clear leader after 50 years.

Porsche Bank Group employs 1,184 people in total (362 are based in Austria).

PHS key figures for 2015

Consolidated turnover €18.8 bn (+10.2%)
New cars 670.602 (+7.6%)
Used cars 256.791 (+5.2%)
Number of dealerships 628 (+33 dealerships)
Number of employees 33.124 (+2.5%)

Porsche Holding Salzburg is Europe's largest and most successful automotive retail company. The Salzburg-based company was founded in 1949 and now operates in 22 countries in Western and South-East Europe, as well as in China, Colombia and Chile.

Since 1 March 2011 PHS has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG.