Cooperation between Porsche Holding Salzburg and Kreisel Electric on E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure and Storage Systems



  • Porsche Holding Salzburg secures distribution rights for Kreisel Electric storage technology 
  • New storage technology promotes sustainable energy management
  • For all car brands, interested companies and the public sector

Vienna, January 11, 2017 - Electromobility will considerably gain in importance over the next few years. The Volkswagen Group brands are currently working on developing a new generation of electric vehicles which will have a range of up to 500 kilometers. The company announced plans that until 2025, one in four new vehicles sold by the Group will be all-electric.
In order to develop electromobility, it is necessary to offer a comprehensive charging infrastructure allowing "fast-charging", and ideally with the possibility of storing sustainable energy.

Allmobil GmbH (Allmobil), a Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) subsidiary, will ensure the cooperation with Kreisel Electric GmbH (Kreisel). In addition to pioneering storage technologies for sustainable energy management, Kreisel also manufactures fast-charging stations with battery storage. 

Advantages of this new storage technology: 

  1. Energy production on site
  2. Storage of sustainable energy 
  3. Local delivery of stored energy

Kreisel's fast-charging stations come with a charging power of up to 320 kW and an integrated storage of 92 kWh.

"We'd like to equip 30 Porsche Inter Auto dealerships in Austria with Kreisel fast-charging stations with integrated storage system, driven by photovoltaic technology", says Alain Favey, Porsche Holding Salzburg's CEO. 

The first fast-charging stations with battery storage will presumably be installed as of mid-2017. Advance orders have already been placed. 

"We aim to democratize electromobility and to install a sustainable e-charging infrastructure system. Our vision is that our employees drive to work in electric vehicles, completely energy-neutral using sustainable energy. We want to serve as role model here. Of course we are happy when a lot of companies, and not only from the automotive sector, follow us and join the movement", says Wilfried Weitgasser, Managing Director of Porsche Austria and Porsche Konstruktionen as well as Chief Digital Officer.

Allmobil will distribute the following products: fast-charging stations, mass storage and MAVERO home energy storage systems. Orders are accepted from any customer from the automotive dealer and service network of all brands (not only Volkswagen brands) as well as from companies, private customers or the public sector, briefly from people who consider efficient energy management and sustainable electromobility important.

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