Porsche Holding Salzburg Management To Be Reorganized

Mag. Rainer Schroll, VGR and CFO, Dr. Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO, Wholesale Austria/International, Porsche Bank and Mag. Johannes Sieberer, PIA Austria/International, China and Porsche Informatik.


  • Dr. Hans Peter Schützinger to be CEO of Porsche Holding Salzburg, which will be reorganized into three business divisions
  • Alain Favey to be Member of the ŠKODA Management Board as from September 1

As already announced, the Management of Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) will be reorganized effective September 1, 2017.

In 2012 Alain Favey (50) became CEO of Porsche Holding Salzburg and was responsible for the company's automotive wholesale operations, at last in 20 countries around the world. He is now to become Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing of ŠKODA AUTO.

His successor as CEO of Porsche Holding Salzburg is to be Dr. Hans Peter Schützinger (57). At the same time, Porsche Holding Salzburg's Management will be reorganized into three business divisions.

As new CEO, Dr. Hans Peter Schützinger will take over responsibility for the national and international automotive wholesale operations, with effect from September 1. In addition, he will be in charge of Porsche Bank Group, Public Relations as well as Human Resources. Hans Peter Schützinger started his career with Porsche Holding in 1989, holding a number of executive positions. In 2002, he was appointed Executive Member of the Board of Porsche Holding Salzburg, where he was most recently responsible for finance, financial services and the multi-brand retail companies of PGA Group in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. As part of the realignment of its retail business in France, Porsche Holding recently sold 193 PGA multi-brand retail dealerships.

Rainer Schroll (53) will continue to be responsible for retail operations in Germany (VGRD) and Spain (VGRS). In addition, he will be in charge of the newly founded Volkswagen Group Retail France (VGRF), regrouping retail operations in France. He will also oversee the Internal Audit and Finance units in future. Rainer Schroll was appointed to the Porsche Holding Management in 2013.

Johannes Sieberer (52) will continue to be responsible for retail operations of Porsche Inter Auto (PIA) in Austria, in the CEE countries and in Italy as well as for retail activities in China. In addition, he will oversee retail operations in Sweden as well as Porsche Informatik with effect from September 1. Johannes Sieberer was appointed Member of the Porsche Holding Management in 2012.

The new structure serves as foundation for Porsche Holding's successful future development. The new business divisions comprise logically coherent operational units, complemented by cross-divisional units such as Human Resources, Finance and IT. As a result, there is a clear focus on the strategic objectives. "The automotive industry is facing major changes which require intensive preparation from us. Focus clearly lies in creating new ways of doing wholesale and retail business as well as in expanding digitization across all divisions," says Porsche Holding's new CEO, Hans Peter Schützinger, and adds: "With the new management team, consisting of three members, we will pursue our company's successful path and prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead of us."

Porsche Holding Salzburg: Salzburg-based Porsche Holding GmbH has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG since March 1, 2011, managing automotive wholesale and retail operations and providing financial services as well as IT system developments. The company was founded in 1949 and operates in 21 countries in Western and South-East Europe, as well as in China, Colombia, Chile, Malaysia and Singapore.

More than one million new and used cars were sold worldwide in 2016, achieving €21.1bn turnover. At year-end 2016, the company had a head count of 35,600 employees.

Porsche Holding Salzburg currently is Austria's most important company*.

* Der Goldene Trend 6/2017