Porsche Holding opens company childcare centre at the Porschehof in Salzburg



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Salzburg, 5 September 2019 - The official opening of the new company childcare centre at the Porschehof in Salzburg was held today. It was a very special day for the children who have been attending the childcare centre since the beginning of August, and also for the guests of honour, in particular Gunnar Kilian, Volkswagen AG Board Member for Human Resources, Deputy Mayor of Salzburg Bernhard Auinger, and CEO of the Porsche Holding Salzburg Management Board, Dr Hans Peter Schützinger.

"Our employees need to be able to combine their working lives with their family lives in the best possible manner. The new company childcare centre at the Porschehof will help women with small children return to their jobs and continue to pursue their careers", said Dr Hans Peter Schützinger.

Gunnar Kilian commented: "Childcare has always been an issue of great importance to me. We can now benefit even more from the competencies of working women with children than we do already."

Deputy Mayor Auinger added enthusiastically: "I am delighted that Porsche Holding has now opened a company childcare centre at the Louise-Piëch-Strasse location. As a member of the Porsche Works Council I was closely involved in and provided support for this project. It means we are coming a major step closer to my goal of creating 100 new toddler group places each year, working in conjunction with private-sector entities. By increasing the number of available places, we intend to respond in an appropriate fashion to the current conditions and changes in the working world. Once again, Porsche Holding has set an excellent example."

Margarete Gehl, Chairwoman of the Porsche Holding Works Council, who provided significant support for the project, said: "The opening of this childcare centre at the Porschehof is a major step forward. Childcare for colleagues who have young children is one of the Works Council's long-term objectives."


Bright, colourful and friendly

At full capacity, the childcare centre will have spaces for a total of 32 children divided into three groups: two toddler groups for 1- to 3-year-olds, and a more advanced group for 3- to 6-year-olds. The 300-m2 childcare centre is located in its own separate part of the building. Within the space of just three months, office space was completely remodelled and lovingly adapted to the children's needs. The atmosphere is bright, colourful and friendly. A fleet of Volkswagen Group ride-on cars ("Bobby cars") will encourage the children to develop their enthusiasm for motor vehicles and give them plenty of opportunity to move around. There is also a 500-m² outdoor area with slide, sandpit and climbing frame where the children will be able to run around and get fresh air. The settling-in phase began in August with 13 children; full capacity will be reached in 2020. The childcare centre is open throughout the year on working days, from 7:00 to 19:00. Salzburg company Spielzeugschachtel GmbH is the operator of the childcare centre.


Second round of holiday care

Setting up the company childcare centre for employees at the Porschehof is an element of Porsche Holding's overall HR strategy. "We have implemented various measures for helping employees who have young children to reconcile working life and family life", points out Paul Gahleitner, Head of Human Resources of Porsche Holding. "One reason is that employees with children can perform better at work if they know their children are being well looked after." That includes flexible working time models and part-time models, as well as the Porsche Kids Club, a 3-week holiday care programme at the Porschehof. The extended programme was held for the second time in August: 45 children participated and evidently enjoyed it tremendously. Once again, extensive support for the Porsche Kids Club was provided by the Porsche Holding Works Council.