Porsche Holding “electrifies” the Porschehof



  • Comprehensive expansion of the charging infrastructure at the company headquarters and other subsidiaries in Salzburg
  • Charging facilities for more than 170 fully electric vehicles and hybrids belonging to employees created at the Porschehof alone
  • One in six vehicles in the Porsche Holding company fleet is already electric


Salzburg, 10 March 2021 - The swift and comprehensive creation of charging infrastructure is fundamental to the rapid shift towards electromobility. This is why Porsche Holding Salzburg has started setting up its own charging infrastructure for fully electric vehicles and hybrids.

A total of 90 charging stations have been installed in the indoor car parks and the connected parking area at the company headquarters in Louise-Piëch-Straße, where it will now be possible for 170 vehicles to be charged at the same time. The know-how and products of the MOON brand were drawn upon in designing the charging infrastructure and energy management.

Further charging stations are also available at other Porsche Holding subsidiaries in Salzburg. These include the Parts Distribution Centre (TVZ) in Wals-Siezenheim, the Porsche Salzburg dealership and MOONCITY in Sterneckstraße.

The company's electrification strategy and its consistent implementation are also reflected in the company's fleets. Currently, 15 per cent of Porsche Holding's company vehicles in Salzburg are either fully electric models or hybrid vehicles - and the trend is rising.

"We are convinced that electrification is the only way to meet the ambitious goal of the Paris Climate Agreement of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. As the largest automotive retail company in Europe, we not only want to sell electric vehicles, but also to take a pivotal role by electrifying our company fleets and building up our own in-house charging infrastructure," says Dr Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO of the Porsche Holding Salzburg Management Board.