Porsche employees show support and solidarity


Fundraising at Porsche Holding Salzburg generates 75,000 euros for the Nachbar in Not - Aid for Ukraine campaig

  • Cheque officially handed over at the Porschehof last week
  • Solidarity and willingness to help exceeded all expectations
  • Comprehensive emergency support measures for Ukrainian Porsche Holding employees

Salzburg, 5 July 2022. Immediately following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Works Council, employees and Management Board of Porsche Holding Salzburg showed their strong support and solidarity for people in Ukraine and those forced to suddenly flee their homes, including many Ukrainian Porsche Holding employees who have taken refuge in neighbouring countries and in Austria.

Understanding that providing aid quickly makes it twice as effective, as early as February the Works Council at Porsche Holding launched an employee fundraising appeal with donations going to the Nachbar in Not ("Neighbour in Need") - Aid for Ukraine campaign. The appeal raised 26,900 euros, exceeding all expectations. The Porsche Holding Management Board increased this sum to 60,000 euros, while Porsche Informatik added another 15,000 euros, generated from the sale of older IT equipment.

Last week the cheque for a total of 75,000 euros was officially handed over at the Porschehof in the Louise-Pëch-Strasse. Stephan Thuswaldner, Chairman of the Works Council at Porsche Holding Salzburg, Dr Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO of the Porsche Holding Salzburg Management Board, and Rainer Trischak, Managing Director of Porsche Informatik, presented the cheque to Johannes Dines, Director of Caritas Salzburg, a partner organisation to Nachbar in Not.

"The first money transfers arrived just minutes after the launch of the appeal. We are proud to see the generosity our colleagues have shown. The funds raised can do much good and help to reduce suffering," Stephan Thuswaldner, Chairman of the Works Council at Porsche Holding, is convinced.

"Our company stands for strong values. Helping in a humanitarian crisis is something we do as a matter of course. None of us thought we would ever see war again in Europe. The people in Ukraine, and all those who have fled, need our solidarity," says Dr Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO of the Porsche Holding Management Board.

"The war has lasted months, bringing unimaginable suffering, death and destruction. It will take years before the country and its population recover from the aftermath of war. We are determined to help the people who desperately need both our immediate and ongoing support," says Rainer Trischak, CEO of Porsche Informatik.

"Thank you very much for this wonderful contribution from Porsche Holding. Donations received via Nachbar in Not allow Caritas to work together with long-term partner organisations on site to provide emergency care and humanitarian aid transport. We help refugees when they arrive in neighbouring countries. All this is only possible thanks to donations, and so we are delighted that Porsche Holding is supporting Nachbar in Not with this considerable amount," says Johannes Dines, Director of Caritas Salzburg.

Effective assistance for Ukrainian Porsche Holding employees

Since the start of the war Porsche Holding Salzburg has been actively supporting its Ukrainian employees with a wide range of relief measures.  A 24/7 emergency hotline was set up which has helped over 200 employees and their families to escape the chaos of war and reach safety. They were collected from the Ukrainian border and provided with supplies and accommodation in Austria and neighbouring countries. In Vienna, for example, Porsche Holding Salzburg has rented a total of eleven apartments for the Ukrainian employees and their families, ensuring they have safe and proper housing for as long as they need.