e-Golf for police e-mobility initial test phase


In the years ahead, e-mobility will become increasingly important. In the period to 2025, among Volkswagen Group brands alone, no fewer than 30 new, wholly battery-driven electric vehicles will be launched onto the market. Thanks to the new generation of batteries, they will have longer ranges, and in terms of price will be oriented to comparable diesel models.

To prepare for this new form of mobility, Austria's Federal Ministry of the Interior is planning to conduct a security & safety research study which will assess and test whether in practice e-vehicles are suitable for use by the police in the future.

Porsche Holding Salzburg, as the Federal Ministry of the Interior's current partner for fleet management, will participate in this KIRAS study. Accordingly, today Alain Favey, CEO of the PHS Management Board, handed over a new e-Golf to Federal Minister Wolfgang Sobotka for the purposes of the e-mobility initial test phase.

"E-mobility is a key part of our future, and the Ministry of the Interior is a forward-looking public institution. The aim of this test phase, which is now starting, is to determine whether the possibilities offered by alternative drive systems are the best way forward for assuring the security and safety of Austria and its citizens", said Mr Sobotka.

The purpose of the initial test phase will be to gather experiences and findings with regard to handling, security and safety during use, mainly to provide a detailed basis for the KIRAS study.

"In all respects, the new e-Golf is a highly suitable e-vehicle for day-to-day use by the police", highlighted Alain Favey when handing over the vehicle. "We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with the Federal Ministry of the Interior on this forward-thinking initiative."

When it comes to the decision-making phase for whether to use e-vehicles as part of the police fleet, criteria will include range and fast charging options. For the KIRAS study, the Federal Ministry of the Interior will use a charging system supplied by Kreisel (an Upper Austrian company), which can charge an e-Golf to 80% of capacity in around 30 to 40 minutes.

Alain Favey commented: "We are convinced that in the future, e-mobility will play an important role not only for private individuals and company customers but also for public-sector organisations, and will thus make a positive contribution to achieving environmental targets."