Porsche Holding expands its company kindergarten at the Porschehof in Salzburg



  • Renovation work at the headquarters in Louise-Piëch-Straße to commence at the beginning of April

  • From September, doubled capacity with room for up to 64 children on two levels

  • Porsche Holding investing in work-life balance even in these challenging times


Salzburg, 30 March 2021 - Porsche Holding Salzburg is expanding its company kindergarten at the Porschehof, which currently accommodates 31 of our employees' children. From September onwards, it will be possible for up to 64 children to be looked after here, while their parents are at work. With this expansion, the Salzburg-based company is ensuring that as many employees as possible will be able to reconcile work and family life in the best possible way over the coming years.

"Ensuring compatibility between work and family life is a top priority for us. With our company kindergarten, we make it easier for women with young children in particular to return to their jobs. We found that the available places were quickly being filled and that the waiting list for a place in the kindergarten was getting longer and longer. This is why, even in these economically challenging times, we are making targeted investments in the future of our workforce," says Dr Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO of the Porsche Holding Salzburg Management Board.

Paul Gahleitner, Head of Human Resources of Porsche Holding, adds: "Our company kindergarten, which opened in September 2019, was very popular from day one. By doubling the capacity, we are now taking into account the larger number of pre-registrations and will therefore be able to offer childcare support to even more mothers and fathers. The company kindergarten also makes us more attractive on the labour market."

"A company kindergarten at the Porschehof has been one of the Works Council's long-standing goals and is an essential component of being a family-friendly employer. By keeping it open all year round, we are in a position to offer our colleagues continuous childcare," says Margarete Gehl, Chairwoman of the Porsche Holding Works Council.


300 m² of additional space and convenient for parents

The advantages of the company kindergarten at the Louise-Piëch-Straße site for children and parents are obvious: the location is convenient and less time is needed to drop off or pick up the children. Also, it is easier for mothers and fathers to concentrate on their work if they know that their children are being well looked after.

With an additional 300 m2, the expansion will create space for two more toddler groups for children aged one to three years - and this is where demand is greatest. In addition, there will be an additional group for children aged up to six years.

Expansion work is set to commence in April. On the first floor, directly above the kindergarten, there are currently offices that will be converted and connected to the ground floor via a staircase. The 700 m2 outdoor area with its slide, sandpit and climbing frame will provide ample space for getting some fresh air and to romp around.

The Porsche Holding Salzburg company kindergarten is open all year round on weekdays from 7:00 to 18:00 and is sponsored by Spielzeugschachtel GmbH. The completion and commissioning of the expansion is planned for September.