Porsche Holding Salzburg involved with #Project1Hour to support the Volkswagen Group campaign to cut carbon emissions

  • Together with its 660,000 employees, the Volkswagen Group is launching a global climate campaign to reduce its own carbon footprint
  • Porsche Holding is giving all its employees the opportunity to spend an hour dealing with climate protection on Earth Day 2021
  • Europe's most successful automotive retail company has already implemented numerous projects aimed at climate and resource-friendly mobility


Salzburg, 22 April 2021 - On today's Earth Day, together with its 12 brands and its employees worldwide, the Volkswagen Group is engaging with #Project1Hour to set an example for climate protection. Around 660,000 employees will have the opportunity to spend an hour dealing with climate change and the reduction of both their professional and private carbon footprints. Porsche Holding Salzburg is supporting this initiative and also taking advantage of this opportunity to raise awareness among its workforce for the importance of climate protection.

The Volkswagen Group has made a clear commitment to the Paris climate agreement and is aiming to be climate-neutral by 2050. With this in mind, the car manufacturer is relying on the electrification of its products and a reduction of CO2 all the way from the supply chain through to recycling. But climate protection also involves a wide range of individual contributions, and all our employees can contribute to mitigating climate change in their private and professional environments.

Just like all of the Volkswagen Group's employees around the world, on Earth Day staff at Porsche Holding Salzburg will be invited to take a break from their work for an hour to get to grips with climate protection issues. For example, a climate quiz will provide ideas on how to determine or critically examine your own carbon footprint and will allow time to discuss and develop individual measures to avoid CO2. Following #Project1Hour, the specific proposals on climate protection at the workplace will be collected, communicated via the Group's and brands' social media channels and, wherever possible, the ideas for improvement will be implemented.


Numerous sustainability initiatives have already been implemented at Porsche Holding

Porsche Holding Salzburg is fully committed to, and supportive of, the Volkswagen Group's sustainability targets. Climate and environmental protection and sustainability are fundamental to everything we do, with a large number of flagship projects throughout Austria already having been set up and implemented.

In 2015, Porsche Holding launched a programme in Austria to increase energy efficiency and, thanks to the use of green electricity, carbon emissions per square metre have been reduced by 57 per cent. Photovoltaic systems producing 100 per cent renewable energy on the company's own roofs have now been installed at 26 dealership locations. The PIA dealership at Porsche Wels is already carbon-neutral in terms of its ongoing operations, and in February this year, it was awarded the BREEAM certificate for ecological buildings. In addition, 2021 has seen the implementation of an environmental management system for all countries in which Porsche Holding operates.

MOONCITY in Salzburg has recently been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel as a "Green Location" for its high standard of environmental compatibility and sustainability. Together with the MOON brand, for example, the construction of an in-house charging infrastructure for electric vehicles was also launched at the Porschehof in Salzburg, and a total of 90 charging stations with over 170 charging points have been created so far. Also at the Porschehof, together with the operator of the company's canteens, employees are being offered a more sustainable diet, in which most of the food comes from the surrounding region.


The #Project1Hour on worldwide Earth Day 2021

The Volkswagen Group is linking its #Project1Hour initiative with the worldwide Earth Day on 22 April. Earth Day was launched in the USA in 1970 and is celebrated annually on 22 April. Since its foundation more than 50 years ago, it has become a worldwide environmental grassroots movement. The very first Earth Day saw 20 million people take part in a range of campaigns - the figure is now over 200 million. The day stands for a wide range of campaigns to do with a broad spectrum of issues concerning environmental and climate protection and for the commitment to jointly create sustainable solutions for the environment and the climate. This year, the international Earth Day has adopted the motto "Restore our Earth".