Porsche Holding Salzburg and Telekom Austria Group collaborate on Connected Cars


Porsche Holding Salzburg and Telekom Austria Group are working together to advance innovations and applications in the field of Connected Cars and make those applications available to customers at affordable prices. The collaboration partners' DiBOX is a standard platform that can be used by different providers and freelance programmers.

A small digital box fitted into the vehicle, the DiBOX itself is a simple and convenient feature enabling car owners to keep in touch with their vehicles. Where is the car? Are the doors and windows shut? Are the lights off? All kinds of useful data can be accessed by vehicle owners via the internet using the app on their smartphones.

Since the beginning of the year, the DiBOX has been available to order as an accessory for new vehicles, for the moment in Austria and for selected models under the VW (Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles) and Audi brands. Plans have been made to roll it out to other Group brands, too. In the second quarter of 2015, the DiBOX will also be available for retrofitting into older VW, Audi and VW Light Commercial Vehicles models, as well as Das WeltAuto-branded vehicles. Pre-orders can be placed at www.dibox.at.

In addition, there are plans for solutions that will enable SMEs and fleet customers to carry out operations faster and more effectively. Fire and rescue services and security firms, for example, will receive real-time information on the position of the vehicles, when they are due for a service and much more besides. As Porsche Holding and Telekom Austria Group operate in a number of European markets, they are also making plans for future collaboration on market expansion.