2019: Further growth of Porsche Holding Salzburg


Increasing performance despite challenging conditions

Key performance indicators for 2019:

  • 22.2 billion euros in turnover (+8.5%)
  • 763,300 new car deliveries (+2.7%)
  • 494 retail dealerships (+67)
  • 31,900 employees (+1,000)


Salzburg, 20 March 2019: In 2019 Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) again succeeded in enjoying a very successful financial year. At the end of 2019, it was operating in 29 countries worldwide with the Volkswagen Group brands in wholesale and retail, and was even able to exceed the previous year's high level and to continue to develop positively in the regions.

PHS sold 763,300 new cars (+8.5%) in wholesale and retail - an increase of around 20,000 vehicles compared to 2018. The number of employees increased to 31,900 (+3.1%). Turnover amounted to 22.2 billion euros, which corresponds to a plus of 8.5% compared to 2018.

Wholesale volume just below record previous year

In 2019, in its 20 wholesale markets, PHS sold a total of 367,000 new cars; around 1.4% less than in the record year of 2018. Along with Austria and the entire CEE region, PHS is also active in South America (Colombia, Chile) and the ASEAN region (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei). In September 2019 PHS started operations in Portugal in wholesale for Volkswagen Group brands. The key figures for this are not yet included in the 2019 annual overview.

"In 2019, we were faced with stagnating or even declining overall car markets in many regions. Nevertheless, as for example in Austria, we succeeded in increasing our market share and thus improving our market performance", sums up Dr Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO of the PHS Management Board, adding that: "At the same time, the second stage of the new WLTP consumption measurement system had to be implemented at the beginning of September, which had a temporary effect on the new car business in the European markets. We were able to more than compensate for the slight decline in the wholesale trade with an increase in the retail business and are very pleased with this extremely successful 2019."

3,680 people were employed in wholesale in 2019. A turnover of 9.0 billion euros (+4.8%) was achieved.


Volume increase in retail

PHS is active in retail with 494 dealerships (+67) in 25 countries, and in 2019 it delivered 396,300 new cars (+6.8%) to customers. In the retail sector, PHS employs 25,800 people (+3.9%) and generated a turnover of 15.6 billion euros (+9.9%) in 2019. This growth is primarily attributable to new acquisitions in Italy, Japan and China.


The retail activities within PHS are divided into two business divisions:

They include Porsche Inter Auto (PIA) in Austria and the CEE region on the one hand, and retail in Poland, Italy, Sweden, Japan and China on the other, under the management of Johannes Sieberer (Executive Member of the PHS Board).

In these countries, 226,100 (+10.3%) new cars were delivered to customers in 2019, and the 14,220 employees (+7.9%) generated a turnover of 9.5 billion euros (+15.8%). 

The second division, headed up by Rainer Schroll (CFO and PHS Board Member), comprises the Group's own retail business in Germany, France and Spain, which in 2019 sold a total of 158,000 new cars (+4.3%), and whose 11,580 employees (-0.6%) generated a turnover of 6.1 billion euros (+1.8%).

In addition, around 12,200 new cars were handled in retail directly by the importer companies, for example in Chile, Singapore or in small CEE countries.


Increase in used car sales

In 2019 PHS sold a total of 222,704 used cars, thereby increasing its used car sales by 4.4% across its markets.


Porsche Bank continues along its path of success

Porsche Bank was able to continue its success in 2019. With over 1,800,000 contracts* in its portfolio, the Porsche Bank Group achieved a new record result.


The development is progressing positively in all business areas. With an overall annual addition of 702,330 contracts (financing, insurance and maintenance), the Porsche Bank Group was able to increase this figure by 9% compared to the previous year.

In Austria the number of leasing contracts in place in 2019 grew by +8.7% to 192,922. In addition to the leasing contracts, Porsche Bank also has almost 33,000 loan financing arrangements under contract. In total, Porsche Bank in Austria holds over 225,000 financing agreements (leasing and loan) in its portfolio for 2019. With nearly 68,000 new financing contracts, Austria also achieved a new yearly record in 2019. 

The insurance business also continued to develop positively. At the end of 2019, the Porsche Bank Group's portfolio of comprehensive insurance contracts (including Volkswagen Versicherungsdienst) increased by 201,770 new contracts to a total of 462,143 contracts.

A significant increase in the course of 2019 could also be seen for the maintenance business. Here, 42,653 new contracts were concluded. At the turn of the year, the portfolio had grown to a total of almost 100,000 maintenance contracts. 

Positive development was also reported in the fleet sector. With over 50,000 vehicles, which are managed by Porsche Bank, a new peak was achieved in 2019. Compared to the previous year, additions to leasing contracts (+24%) and maintenance contracts (+17%) were extremely positive. Overall, Porsche Bank's fleet management has approximately 39,000 leasing and 37,000 maintenance contracts in its portfolio.

* 416,727 financing, 1,319,256 insurance and 99,608 maintenance contracts



Porsche Informatik on course for growth

Equipped with innovative digital solutions for Porsche Holding Salzburg and the Volkswagen Group in a total of 29 countries with 700 IT and digitization professionals, Porsche Informatik finds itself successfully on a course for growth. In the spring of 2019, Porsche Informatik launched a second development location in Vienna to join the one in Salzburg, thus establishing itself as one of the largest software houses in Austria. At the same time, the formation of a subsidiary in Paris saw Porsche Informatik further set the tone in terms of its international orientation.

PHS key figures for 2019
Consolidated turnover 22.2 billion euros (+8.5%)
New cars 763,300 (+2.7%)
Used cars 222,700 (+4.4%)
Number of dealerships 494 (+67)
Number of employees 31,900 (+3.1%)