Porsche Holding Salzburg inaugurates expanded company childcare centre at Porschehof

  • Company childcare centre on Louise-Piëch-Straße expanded to double its capacity
  • Up to 64 children can now be looked after on two levels
  • Construction began in April and was completed after just five months
  • Porsche Holding is making sustainable investments in combining family and career


In response to high demand, Porsche Holding has expanded its company childcare centre at the Porschehof site. This will now have space for more than 60 children, who will be cared for by ten teachers while their parents pursue their career at Porschehof or one of Porsche's other companies in Salzburg.

Yesterday afternoon saw the inauguration of the extension in the presence of Deputy Mayor of Salzburg Bernhard Auinger, Regional Minister Andrea Klambauer, Head of Division Ulrike Kendlbacher, as well as representatives of Porsche Holding Salzburg and the Works Council.

"By expanding the company childcare centre, Porsche Holding is once again setting a very good example as a company where it is possible to combine family and career. Doubling capacity to four toddler groups for 1- to 3-year-olds and two more advanced groups for 3- to 6-year-olds means we are coming a major step closer to the goal of creating 100 new spaces for small children each year, working in conjunction with private-sector entities. One of the reasons why this company childcare centre is a matter of great importance to me is because as a member of the Porsche Works Council I was closely involved in and provided support for this project," said Bernhard Auinger, Deputy Mayor of the City of Salzburg.

"I am sure that the great demand and the existing support will motivate more companies to invest in company childcare centres. Companies need top people, and a family-friendly environment is a decisive competitive advantage in this respect," said Regional Minister Andrea Klambauer.

"Making it possible for our employees to combine family and career is a top priority for us," affirmed Dr. Hans Peter Schützinger, CEO of the Porsche Holding Management Board. "Providing childcare facilities is key here. Now we can offer childcare support to even more mothers and fathers and further enhance our attractiveness as an employer." 

"Our company childcare centre has been very popular ever since it opened its doors in September 2019," said Paul Gahleitner, Head of Human Resources of Porsche Holding. "The waiting lists for a place were becoming longer and longer, so expansion was the next logical step. With the childcare centre, we can benefit even more from the expertise of working women with children than we do already."

"A childcare centre at Porschehof is one of the Works Council's long-term objectives. We are delighted about the expansion, because it not only gives mothers and fathers the opportunity to return to work faster after taking parental leave, but also eases the pressure on working parents with young children and strengthens our reputation as a family-friendly, modern employer," explained Margarete Gehl, Chairwoman of the Porsche Holding Works Council.


300 m² more space and short distances for the parents

The company childcare centre at the site on Louise-Piëch-Straße has many advantages for children and parents: they do not have to travel any additional distances, which means that employees spend less time taking their offspring to the childcare facility and picking them up afterwards. Parents also perform better at work if they know their children are being well looked after.

The expansion started in April and the building work was completed in September. The first floor above the childcare centre previously housed offices of Porsche Bank, which were converted and connected to the ground floor via a staircase. The expansion created an additional 300 m2 of space.