The seven focus areas of Porsche Holding Salzburg's sustainability strategy

In the seven focus fields, Porsche Holding Salzburg is working among other things on the following goals, which are supplemented in particular by group-wide environmental goals and an energy and environmental management system:

Zero Emission Mobility

 In order to significantly reduce carbon emissions in our core business of mobility, we are working on electrifying our own vehicle fleet and are also advancing Volkswagen AG's ambitious goals so as to achieve a fully electric share of 50 to 60 per cent in our core markets.

Green Finance

We will increase the share of green investments and finance (green asset ratio) to at least 30 per cent by 2030.

Circular Economy

We will reduce our carbon impact throughout the entire supply chain by giving suppliers a sustainability rating and systematically cutting back on and recycling materials, especially for traction batteries.

Green Building

Our carbon emissions from buildings will be reduced by 30 per cent by 2030. This will be achieved through a wide range of actions such as energy efficiency measures, minimum standards and certifications for refurbishments and new buildings, as well as by phasing out the use of oil and gas, for example through a photovoltaic strategy.

Green Retail

The greatest leverage within the company lies in our dealerships. We are reducing our environmental footprint by setting clear targets for everything from waste disposal concepts and energy use to water consumption and recycling.

Workforce Transformation

At Porsche Holding, we focus on the development of our employees and the promotion of diversity, equal opportunities and a modern working environment. With targeted measures in the areas of health protection and occupational safety, we not only ensure a safe working environment, but also actively protect our employees.


We align our structures so that we can seize opportunities for ecological and social improvements and thus have a positive impact on the company, the environment and society.