Sustainable development at Porsche Holding

The biggest challenge currently facing society, but also companies, is the climate crisis. The Volkswagen Group - Porsche Holding Salzburg included - is committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement as well as to the European Green Deal.

"Sustainable development is a global responsibility that every company needs to take seriously," said Johann Lechner, CFO of Porsche Holding. Forming an integral part of the corporate principles, the sustainability strategy is enshrined in Porsche Holding's 'evolve 2030' strategy. In this, Porsche Holding aligns its business model with clear goals:

We aim to create lasting values, offer good working conditions, conserve resources and the environment and be exceedingly profitable at the same time. 

We put responsible, climate-conscious action at the centre of our daily work - in all our business segments and throughout the entire supply chain.

We aim to make carbon-neutral mobility available to everyone in the medium to long term. For our customers, our employees, our planet.

Our sustainability strategy is currently concentrated on seven focus fields related to climate action where the most leverage has been identified.