New development opportunities near Austria

The rapid success of Porsche Holding has obtained in Central and the Southeastern European countries for the brands of the Volkswagen Group has been supported through the simultaneous establishment of its own car dealerships through Porsche Inter Auto in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. These investments give the Volkswagen Group brands an immediate presence. These dealerships, which are equipped to the latest brand standards, also serve as role models for other dealer networks.

Porsche Bank: Key to success

At the same time, the expansion of financial services by Porsche Bank (in Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine and Colombia) contributes decisively to market success in these countries. A large proportion of vehicles are financed by Porsche Bank, which also provides financial services to the sales organisation itself.

Porsche Inter Auto, which operates exclusively for Volkswagen Group brands, isn't present only in Austria and the new markets, but also in Germany, Italy and Poland.

Growth in Western Europe

Already in the early 70s - at the beginning of its internationalisation - Porsche Holding focused on Porsche and various other niche brands from all over the world as importer in France.
This position within one of the most important automotive markets became increasingly difficult, as virtually all players started to establish own subsidiaries.
Therefore, Porsche Holding was looking for new development chances in the French retail sector, taking in 1999 an interest in PGA, one of the most important automotive retail groups in France. Porsche Holding was thus able to reposition itself in the French market. PGA expanded its activities towards the Netherlands and Poland.