Rigorously working together towards a common goal 

Doing responsible, sustainable business requires commitment from all employees at all our dealerships, which is why Porsche Holding Salzburg places particular emphasis on communication with its employees. This includes transparent briefings, awareness-raising activities and a clear commitment from management. In addition, each Porsche Holding country has sustainable development coordinators and focus area managers who take into account the specific conditions at the dealerships and drive change.

Porsche Holding Salzburg is becoming more sustainable and greener by the day. In addition to a wide variety of activities and measures in the five focus fields, the company is also working on expanding its sustainability strategy to include social issues as well as matters of governance. The first sustainability report focusing on the environment will be prepared for 2022.

If you have further questions about our strategy or Porsche Holding's activities in the area of sustainable development, please contact us at wheels4change(kwfat)porsche.co(kwfdot)at.